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Rochester NY Home Inspector finds problems with wood composite siding

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone This video shows what will happen to wood composite siding if it is exposed to moisture. With this type of siding you really need to go around it at least once per year and touch up any exposed areas … Continue reading

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Rochester NY Home Inspector Finds a Hole In a Furnace Heat Exchanger

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone Watch this video to see what a hole in a furnace heat exchanger looks like. If you or someone you know is in need of a Rochester NY Home Inspector then contact us at (585) 654-7294 or visit our … Continue reading

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Question: Should I Have PEX Plumbing Supply Lines Installed In My New Home?

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone PEX; short for cross-linked polyethylene has developed into an affordable product of preference for a number of general contractors and plumbers. It has been used in the USA since 1980?s for a lot of installations which include basic plumbing … Continue reading

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Q: What does The Rochester NY Inspector look for when inspecting the attic?

Rochester Home Inspection Inadequate insulation means that 10 to 50 percent of energy is lost through walls, ceilings and floors. Proper insulation helps lower energy bills by resisting heat movement through the barrier. The first place to look for missing … Continue reading

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Rochester NY Inspector Says “Do some research before replacing your carpeting”

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone Whether you’re in need of new carpeting or you’re just looking to update the look of your home, buying new carpet requires research. Here are some things to consider before you make your carpet selection. Wool carpet offers a … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Your Rochester NY House for an Extended Vacation

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone Winter is a popular time for people who live in colder climates such as Rochester NY to take extended vacations. Before you leave your home for a majority of the winter, make sure you follow these tips to ensure … Continue reading

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Q: What does an inspector look for when evaluating the plumbing system?

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone The plumbing in your home is an essential yet often overlooked system that provides clean water and proper collection and transportation of waste water. Due to the complexity of these systems, it is important to have them inspected for … Continue reading

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A Sump Pump Fire Hazard

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone This video is about a sump pump fire hazard that you need to avoid. https://www.npiweb.com/sansone

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Asphalt Shingle Roof Issues

Watch this video to learn more about assessing the condition of an asphalt shingle roof

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Inspecting Garages

https://www.npiweb.com/sansone This video will show you why it’s important to check the back of garages when you are out looking at houses. https://www.npiweb.com/sansone

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