How to Prepare Your Rochester NY House for an Extended Vacation

Winter is a popular time for people who live in colder climates such as Rochester NY to take extended vacations. Before you leave your home for a majority of the winter, make sure you follow these tips to ensure a proper shut-down:

Secure anything that may contain water, including drain traps, piping, the water heater, dishwashers and clothes washers.
Fill drain traps and toilets with specialized antifreeze to keep sewer gas from entering your home and to prevent freeze damage.
Turn off the washing machine supply lines, and remove and drain them. To clear water from the washing machine pump, run the washer on the fill part of its cycle, set to warm water.
Remove the inlet hose for the dishwasher and open the supply valve after you have turned off the water supply to the house. Operate the dishwasher to clear the valve; remove the drain hose.
Unplug all electrical appliances to prevent any damage from power surges or lightning strikes.
Keep the heat turned on, at a low setting to avoid the risk of structural damage to your home.

Contact a qualified service technician if you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks on your own.

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