Question: Should I Have PEX Plumbing Supply Lines Installed In My New Home?

PEX; short for cross-linked polyethylene has developed into an affordable product of preference for a number of general contractors and plumbers. It has been used in the USA since 1980?s for a lot of installations which include basic plumbing and hydronic floor heating systems.
PEX will never be freeze resistant, but is undoubtedly unlikely to burst especially during unusually cold temperature compared to almost every other type of plumbing. Because of overall flexibility PEX is often installed with a number of configurations as well as having a manifold and plumbing with a continuous home run for the cold and hot lines to each appliance. With this type of application there aren’t any plumbing connectors present to develop into water leaks inside crawl spaces, inside of walls or under cement slabs.
PEX can even be installed by using couplings which can be attached with specific fittings. It can be used as the main service line from your road but it really should be protected inside a sleeve where it is going through your foundation structure directly into the house.
PEX is typically offered in most plumbing sizes and in addition to that you will be able to purchase it color coded; red for your hot lines and blue for any of the cold water lines. It has many positive attributes however, there are a few facts that you should know regarding installation.
You should not install it in direct sunlight and you also really need to carefully consider thermal expansion which will be noticeable as sagging between hangers requiring the installation of more hangers.
There are not many build-it-yourself individuals working with PEX because it needs some specific tools when it comes to installation, but it’s starting to be very well liked in remodels as well as improvements of existing homes.
As a professional home inspector in Rochester NY we have not discovered many issues concerning this particular product. We have been discovering a large amount of home owners having excellent results and would probably recommend it to everybody building a brand-new home.

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