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The Eco Friendly Bathroom

http://www.npiweb.com/sansone Are you making plans to redesign your bathroom or do you just want to expand your “green” living plans? Here are some ways to upgrade your bathroom space by bringing eco-friendly elements in. Consider recycled glass, ceramic or porcelain … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Home Termite Free

http://www.npiweb.com/sansone http://www.npiweb.com/sansone

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Pex Pipe Fittings Class-Action Lawsuit

It appears as though a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Zurn® regarding brass fittings installed in Pex piping systems. The reason for this lawsuit is undetermined at this time. Speculation has it due to the brass content of the … Continue reading

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Heating Maintenance

http://www.npiweb.com/sansone Your heating equipment should be routinely checked by a qualified professional on an annual basis. There are also key routine maintenance checks you should perform on your heating equipment. (Note: Turn off power to the unit before inspection or … Continue reading

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Q: How do I evaluate the condition of my heating system?

Combustion appliances or mechanical systems, including fireplaces, gas stoves and gas heating systems, produce by-products that need to be removed using a system of vents or flues known as an exhaust system. To function properly, exhaust systems must be free … Continue reading

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Rochester NY Home Inspector Finds Unsafe Electrical Wiring

http://www.npiweb.com/sansone Video shows an unsafe wiring connection that was discovered during an actual Home Inspection in Rochester NY. http://www.npiweb.com/sansone

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Home Inspector Finds Mold Due To Improper Second Floor Laundry Room Installation

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Rochester NY Home Inspector Finds Carpenter Bee Damage

Watch this video to see what Carpenter Bee damage looks like. National Property Inspections of Rochester, NY

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Rochester, NY Home Inspector Finds A Poor Man’s Bidet

http://www.npiweb.com/sansone You have to watch this one minute video and see this Poor Man’s Bidet! Website: http//www.npiweb.com/sansone

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Rochester, NY Home Inspector Finds Exterior House Issues

http://www.npiweb.com/sansone Watch this video to see some of the issues we see when inspecting the exterior of the house http://www.npiweb.com/sansone

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