Heating Maintenance


Your heating equipment should be routinely checked by a qualified professional on an annual basis.

There are also key routine maintenance checks you should perform on your heating equipment. (Note: Turn off power to the unit before inspection or maintenance.)

Maintain records to keep track of maintenance checks and requirements.
Change the filter as required, once every other month or more frequently, depending on the variables in your home.
Look for water leaks or changes in the system.
Check the drain lines to make sure they are clear and draining properly.
Listen to the furnace operate and follow up on any unfamiliar sounds.
Check flue pipes and vents for rust, water leaks and loose connections.
Switch high/low returns at the start and end of the heating season.
Contact a qualified service technician if you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks on your own.

Each year there are about 21,800 residential fires associated with space heaters. Demonstrate care when using space heaters this winter. (Source: www.cpsc.gov)


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