Window Caulking

When the price of heating fuel or electricity goes up, it means higher bills at home to keep temperatures comfortable. If heating costs are a concern, look at more than just the setting on the thermostat. Heat produced in the home can be lost if the home isn’t sealed or insulated properly.

All openings in the walls, including windows and doors, can bring cold air into the home and pull warm air out. Sealing these areas with caulk or weather stripping can help prevent this problem. To test for weak areas, visually inspect the exterior of windows and doors. Focus on the area between the window trim and the exterior cladding of the home. Any cracked or missing sealant should be repaired.

Inside, use a candle or a smoke (incense) stick to check for drafty windows and doors. Hold a lit candle close to the window and door seams. A flame that bends, flickers or goes out could be a sign of a draft. When caulking either the exterior or the interior of the windows, remember to move slow enough with the tube or caulking gun to fill in all the gaps completely. Always clean out the old caulking before adding new.

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